New project: "The other reason: Exaltation,Trance and Ecstasy - an artistic reasearch project"

The project The other reason: Exaltation,Trance and Ecstasy focuses on physical and mental states of emergency such as trance, ecstasy and exaltation - conditions that have been found in archaic cultures and rituals. These states of consciousness have been cultivated in all cultures and at all times, arising from a profound and universal human need.

The Research was carried out on theoretical, dance and aesthetic levels into extraordinary everyday states of consciousness and their different movement characteristics.

The research reflects and attempts to visualize the inner states of the performer and make them comprehensible to the viewer. The aim is an implementation that reflects, dynamics and transforms exaltation, ecstatic or trance- like states of consciousness physically, visually and aesthetically. The Visual arts and performing arts are treated as equal media, the setting and the performance interact with each other.

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Funded by Fonds Darstellende Künste