Solo show


11.09  - 17.10.2015
Tuesday - Friday : 12-18 h

Trapéz Gallery
Henszlmann Imre utca 3.,
1053 Budapest

Summer Group show

30. 06 – 31. 07. 2015. 

if there is a story, actually
Csilla Klenyánszki, László Lakner, Peter Puklus, Beatrix Szörényi

Trapéz Gallery
Henszlmann Imre street 3., Budapest, Hungary, 1053 

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On the Shoulders of Giants

Katarzyna Przezwańska (PL) - Beatrix Szörényi (DE/ HU)
On the Shoulders of Giants/ Na ramenou obrů 

Křižíkova 34, Praha 8We/St – Sun/Ne 11 – 18
On display until June 28th

Off-Biennal Budapest

Venue: Postapalota
1122 Budapest, Krisztina körút 6-8.>
Open: 2015.04.25-05.15 15.00-20.00h
Opening:  2015.04.25. 21.00h with Amigzaj performance
Closing event: 2015.05.15. 20.00h

Science fiction pioneer Hugo Gernsback was not simply the founder of Amazing Stories, the first science fiction periodical, but he was also a prolific inventor and futurist who regaled past generations with strange visions of automatic killing-machines and computer-mandated marriage examinations. His most famous invention, The Isolator is a bizarre helmet invented in 1925 that encourages focus and concentration by rendering the wearer deaf, piping them full of oxygen, and limiting their vision to a tiny horizontal slit; thus enabling them to get into a state of so-called “productive isolation.” The Isolator, however, is not survival equipment, but a tool for everyday use.
Isolation means separation, detachment; in this case it also refers to protection against the inflow or the efflux of light, sound, heat, humidity, electricity, disturbing thoughts, etc. A successful resistance may erect its own memorial.
ISOLATOR is a group exhibition without the participation of a curator, where the exhibitors are the most important representatives of the mid-generation of internationally renowned Hungarian artists, who took part in the most prestigious international art exhibitions such as the documenta in Kassel or the Istanbul Biennial. Their joint project, Isolator explores the state of active inner isolation. The installations presented in the framework of the show work independently and detached from each other reflecting the rhizomatic structure and the grassroots character of the OFF-Biennále Budapest.

Participants: Blazsek András, Csákány István; Ádám Kokesch , randomroutines, Beatrix Szörényi
Curator: Fanni Hegedűs

March - May 2015

A.I.R. at Futura - Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague